Dieting with the HCG Diet

Using HCG thousands have experienced weight loss results, thanks to this wonderful aid. Combined with a balanced diet, HcG has helped many lose weight in a easy way, without having to stick to strict diets or crazy exercise regimes.

Hcg Drops or Injections?

This is a common question that people starting the HcG discuss, both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, Hcg drops are normally chosen for the their convenience, these are administered orally, and can be taken virtually anywhere, there is no preparation needed. hcg-greenHowever, with HcG drops, a larger does is needed, as the drops must pass through your body first.

HcG injections offer the advantage that the HcG is absorbed directly into your body, without having to pass through it first. However with injections you will require preparation and the whole process is a little more difficult than drops, but of course this comes with added benefits.

It simply comes down to how important convenience is to you, for best results we always recommend Hcg injections.