Final Fantasy XII Will Be Coming to the Playstation 4 Game Console Next Year

Square Enix, formerly known as separate companies (Squaresoft and Enix), announced yesterday that there will be another Final Fantasy classic that will get a revamp.

Final Fantasy XII will be the latest Final Fantasy game that will get remastered and it will actually have a new name with it. The remastered version will now be known as “Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age”.

Just recently, the gaming company released a remastered edition of Final Fantasy X. Both of these titles were released for the Playstation 2 game console.

There is still no information available for the remake but I am going to assume that they’re going to include some, if not all, the features that are present in the remastered Final Fantasy X.

Some of these features are the speed-up mode, a mode that disables random encounters, and a host of other modes you can enable to improve your gameplay.

The biggest improvement that you will notice with the “Zodiac Age” is the graphical improvement. Every graphical aspect of the game will be rendered in a higher quality so that gamers will truly see the beauty that the game has to offer.

Final Fantasy XII is really something that is near and dear to me. Back in the day, my girlfriend gave me a copy of this game and it was just a week after its release.

You guys know how hard it is to get a copy of a game when it is still its first release, and considering that this is a Square Enix title, it is all the more difficult to get.

Anyway, this news shocked me, a lot. I thought that Square Enix would stop at Final Fantasy X in the remastering department, but I was gravely mistaken.

I am actually happy that they are going to release a remastered version of Final Fantasy XII.

You see, Final Fantasy XII is the first RPG game on the Playstation 2 game console where the battle system is a bit unique.

The battle system of the game is a hybrid of active time battle and turn-based combat. What you do is you do battle against random monsters and once you’re in range, you will have a list of options that you can do.

It then follows a turn-based approach where there is a bar that has to be filled before a character would be available for use.

You have to walk and be near an enemy to execute attack commands, though. There are also some lines to help you indicate which monster your other party members are currently attacking.

The game’s main protagonist is Vaan and he is a Sky pirate. We all know that pirates want treasure, so Vaan is on a mission to get the best treasures in the world.

Little did he know that he will be in a whirlwind of adventure once he meets other playable characters in the game.

The Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age will be released sometime in 2017 for the Playstation 4 game console.