To make your body fit then HCG is needed

The HCG diet limits your body to loss five hundred calorie for eight weeks of time and this can also be done when you take homeopathic products like oral drops, pellets and spray regularly in your food habits. During the diet you can able to take two meals a day, lunch and dinner while taking the meal you should include one vegetable, one bread and one fruit. If you have all this in your food only your diet plan would been controlled.

The HCG would been injected under your skin or into a muscle then only you came know about the issue and get the instruction from your doctor they would explain you about all the details that is needed for you while injecting HCG inside your body. Suppose you try to inject HCG by yourself without knowing how to use or dispose then don’t use it because it would create some other major problems.

HCG is highly effective for the user

The woman who use the HCG injection and medicine for their issues then they could able to see the development in the condition of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome after the first treatment cycle itself. If suppose you have any symptoms regarding this OHSS then call your doctor immediately and check up. The symptoms like

  • Several pelvic pains

  • Swelling in the hands or legs

  • Weight gain

  • Diarrhea

  • Nausea

If the HCG level is high then it would cause the early puberty in the young boys. Suppose if the HCG level for the women increases then they would have the multiple pregnancies like twins or even triple which cause serious situation during delivery.

Before using this HCG mediation you must say all your allergies and problems in which your body contains. This will help the doctor to analyses the medicine which needs for your body like

  • A hormone which related to cancer or early puberty problems

  • Diseases like heart, kidney

  • An ovary cyst

While using such kinds of HCG injection you must be very careful regarding your body condition and you must take a special care while injecting it. You must ask a proper things and steps to the doctor before starting to take the medicine because you must use the needle only once after that you have to dispose the needles which you had used. Then suppose if you injected a high level of HCG then your skin would get some problems like headache, feeling restless or irritable, depression or breast tenderness or swelling and pain.

The HCG can be used for all kinds of the person to improve their level of HCG hormone and if it had injected to the child then they will found that the weight had reduced for them. So for diet purpose also they started using the HCG medicine and through having good healthy food also one can able to improve their HCG level in their body content.